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About Me

My influences in work come from within the profession, having worked alongside some of the most experienced osteopaths in the profession, as well as being involved in continuing theoretical and practical research into anatomy and function. We follow the principles of our founder, Andrew.T.Still, working to a philosophy that differs from chiropractic, physiotherapy and other physical therapies, although some of our techniques do overlap.

Our fundamental belief is that the body is capable of healing itself and where possible we aim to eliminate the problems that prevent this self-regulation happening.

I play or have played a wide range of sports including rugby, cricket, golf, cycling, badminton and squash. This experience gives me a strong understanding of the stresses involved whilst playing sport and have had success treating professional sportsmen in a number of disciplines.

I regularly practice tai chi, not just for my own health but I have also found that an understanding of the physical stability it teaches has significantly modified and improved my osteopathic skills.

I wish I had treatment from Graham earlier, I feel like a new woman!
Liz C, Ware